tidyLPA 0.1.4

  • improve NAMESPACE documentation
  • add option to return original data frame for functions that use MPlus
  • add option to use missing data for functions that use MPlus
  • change include_LMR argument to include VLMR

tidyLPA 0.1.3

  • improve plot_profiles() plots, including plotting bootstrapped standard when mclust output is directly used (thanks @cjvanlissa) & updated vignette with example of this
  • improve output from compare_solutions_mplus (thanks @DJAnderson07)
  • add function, extract_LL_mplus(), to extract log-likelihoods from models fit witsah estimate_profiles_mplus()
  • update documentation for pisaUSA15 dataset
  • improve compare_solutions_mplus() so it more reliably handles errors
  • improve vignette (thanks @oreojo for suggestion to mention that this package works best for continuous variables)
  • add URLs for package and bug reports to DESCRIPTION
  • add C.J. van Lissa and Daniel John Anderson as contributors

tidyLPA 0.1.2


  • Specify version 0.7 of MplusAutomation in Imports to address error

Minor updates:

  • Update README and Vignette
  • Update function names to include MPlus
  • Export %>% from magrittr (so it does not need to be loaded from dplyr)
  • Correct name of title for vignette
  • Update function names
  • Change output of estimate_profiles_mplus() to be returned with return(), instead of with invisible()

tidyLPA 0.1.1

  • Added a NEWS.md file to track changes to the package.