My research focuses on a) data-intensive approaches to understanding students’ motivation and engagement in science, b) students’ work with data, and c) teachers’ development of innovative practices.

Data-intensive approaches to understanding students’ motivation and engagement in science

  • A Psychological Approach to Understanding Student Engagement Through Trace Data

  • Exploring Student Engagement in Science with a Person-in-Context Approach

  • Supporting Student Engagement in Online Science Classes

  • Automated Approaches to Understanding Students’ Epistemic Considerations

Students’ work with data

  • Creating and Analyzing Data from Simulations: High School Physics Students’ Modeling Simulated Data to Make Sense of Scientific Phenomena

Teachers’ development of innovative practices

  • Teachers’ Synchronous and Asynchronous Uses of the Same Twitter Hashtag

  • An Influence Model of Teachers’ Interactions on Twitter

  • Teachers’ Use of Scientific Modeling Over a Long Period of Time

Completed Research Projects

  • Context and Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK)

  • Understanding the Purposes of Twitter Across a Graduate Educational Technology Program

  • Assessing Technological Knowledge Through Teachers’ Digital Teaching Portfolios